Helm Charts for Eliatra Suite are here!

To get started here is an article describing how to install an Eliatra Suite protected OpenSearch cluster on Kubernetes with Helm: Eliatra Suite on Kubernetes: Part 1 – Getting Started with Helm Charts

In our next article, we will set up our own Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) for SSL certificates and play around with configuration modifications and add more OpenSearch nodes. In one of the future articles, we will set up a production ready Eliatra Suite protected OpenSearch cluster on Amazon EKS. You can find all the articles on the Eliatra blog: Eliatra Blog

Let us know what you think!

Eliatra Suite is an OpenSearch plugin that offers encryption, authentication, authorization, and alerting.
The Eliatra Suite consists of several modules that shall enhance your experience and performance using OpenSearch.

Coded with love in Berlin, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Ukraine, Poland, and the US.
OpenSearch is a registered trademark of Amazon Web Service, registered in the U.S. and other countries.