Encryption at Rest for OpenSearch: Eliatra Cloud Tresor

Eliatra Cloud Tresor provides Encryption at Rest for OpenSearch indices and snapshot. Take full control over your data, even on public clouds.

We are proud to present Eliatra Cloud Tresor, a plugin enabling encryption at rest (EAR) for OpenSearch.

Eliatra Cloud Tresor encrypts all your OpenSearch data that resides on disk and is available today as a technology preview. Eliatra Cloud Tresor is the missing piece to regain complete control over your data of OpenSearch deployments, especially on public clouds. Eliatra Cloud Tresor can also be used in private clouds or on-premises installations to protect your data at rest.

The plugin ships with a command line tool called earctl to initialize the plugin and manage the encryption keys.

Download and test it while it is hot and fresh.

If you are interested in using this feature in production please reach out to us.

We have a blog post with more details here.

Looking forward to your feedback!